Wood Floor Restoration

We say “Restoration” because we offer many different services to take care of your hardwood floors. We outline these here, but sincerely request that you give us a call and let us know your ideas, we’ll be able to help you find the Wood Floor Cleaning & Restoration Service to suit your needs and your budget!

The lightest, most cost-efficient option, our wood floor cleaning is a special process we developed years ago. This process utilizes no water, but rather a specially-formulated wood floor cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is applied to your floors and buffed at high-speeds. This process allows us to remove the dirt and dust trapped on the surface of the floor, and sometimes can even bring back a little bit of shine to your floors.

Hardwood scrubbing is a unique process we developed. This method is intended to only lightly scrub the topmost layer of your floor, ie. your remaining sealer. By doing this we are able to scrub out some of your surface scratches, and if need be, re-stain some of your more traffic-heavy and worn out areas. This process is dustless, but we always strive to be as clean in our job as possible and affect your daily routine as little as possible, so we wrap any items that are hung on walls, or simply too heavy to move from the room. 

If you've begun noticing more wear on your floors, or they simply don't look as magnificent as before, but you aren't prepared to do a complete refinishing, our wood floor scrubbing would be your best option, as not only is it budget-friendly, it will not remove any of the life from your wood floors.

Nothing can compare with the renovated look of your old hardwood flooring or softwood (original pine boards) floors. The authentic feeling of the old, dry timber, gone through the restoration process of the wood floor sanding, cannot be replaced by any type of newly laid solid wood floors or parquet flooring. Whether it is a contemporary urban loft conversion, a Victorian terraced house or country cottage, it is the choice of wood floor restoration, we will always recommend as the beauty of the old French oak timber, beech, cherry, or mahogany, cannot be replaced by anything else. 

Wood floor refinishing is one of the most rewarding wood floor treatments. We sand your floors to the bare wood, and bring them back to life. If you decide you want to stain your floors and give your home a new look, we work to find the color that is perfect for you. Or if you prefer the natural look of your floors, we protect the color of the natural wood as well. We then apply polyurethane, a water-based, environmentally-friendly, and VOC-compliant polyurethane, to match the final sheen of your choice - glossy, semi-gloss, or satin. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your floors are exactly as you imagined them.



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